CYA Media Lab Student Internship Spring Semester 2017

social media lab test photo
Apply for CYA Media Lab Student Internship!

If you are…

  • keen to use your time abroad to practice your photography skills
  • keeping up with social networks letting your friends and family back home know what adventures you’re having in Greece
  • an active social media user and have a passion for engaging with others
  • interested in writing, storytelling and reporting

We are looking for 3 motivated, resourceful and social media-active students to serve as Media Lab Interns. The interns will work directly with the Social Media Coordinator and staff under the guidance of Communications Professor Dr. Demetris Kamaras, to strategize, craft and execute content for CYA’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WP Blog and Pinterest). Applicants should have a demonstrated interest in social media, a strong writing ability, organizational skills, and most importantly, the creativity and eagerness to capture interesting and engaging multimedia content.

The role requires a commitment of approximately 6-8 hours a week, which includes attendance of meetings, workshops, and daily coverage of stories spread across:

  • Student life (inside apartments, at the school, etc.)
  • City life (sitting for a Greek coffee, walking around Athens, etc.)
  • Learning abroad (CYA-sponsored trips, on-site classes, inside the classroom, extracurricular activities, landmarks)
  • Growing, living, learning, and traveling in Greece & Europe
  • Day-to-day exploration including housing, cultural immersion, Greek Culture and Society
  • Events throughout the semesters

Why Apply?

This role offers interns an immersion into digital media and communications within a prestigious academic environment. Successful candidates will attend regular workshops and work on projects with Dr. Kamaras to explore various aspects of social media, digital communications and marketing. The CYA Media Lab Internship will strengthen your portfolio and resume, and you will receive a letter of recommendation at the end of the semester to further consolidate your work experience, skills and achievements.


  • Collaborate with the CYA Media Lab team in weekly meetings and attend workshops.
  • Conceptualize, create and publish multimedia content that enhances the CYA experience, shares success stories, builds meaningful connections and encourages engagement.
  • Employ innovative tactics to grow CYAs social media audiences.
  • Serve as an ambassador for the CYA Media Lab, which includes seeking out story ideas for CYA social media, and main website, encouraging other students and the academic community to engage with us, utilizing social media to connect with public audiences.

Applicants should submit: 

A short cover letter explaining why you think you should be selected for this internship and what you can bring to CYAs Media Team with a list of examples (with relevant links) to your personal writing/photography work, social-media activity, as well as any pages that you currently manage, to by Friday, January the 20th 5pm (ET).

This is an unpaid work-study position.