The Best Coffee Places for Book Lovers in Athens

For students who love books and coffee!

Check-out this excellent list compiled by Nadia Meliniotis (Executive Director of Student Affairs) for some of best places to have a coffee, read and make friends in Athens! 

ROTA ART COFFEE COMMUNITY – An all day and all-time great meeting place for all book lovers. Situated in a beautiful Athenian yard, you can relax read your favorite books and drink coffee, fresh homemade fruit juice, hot chocolate, or tea and eat lots of Greek spoon-sweets.

If you go over your lunch break you will be able to eat salads, pies of the day and homemade pizza.

Don’t forget to keep informed about book presentations, exhibitions, seminars and many other interesting events taking place at Rota!

FREE THINKING ZONE – Located in Kolonaki. The Free Thinking Zone is a unique bookstore,  public space, and “political coffee shop” which supports activism, dialogue, and the free mind/thought. The warm corners of the place give you the sensation that you are in your own living room, where you can read a book accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea. At this coffee place, you can always find something interesting- from literary gatherings to conversations on subjects such as freedom of speech, diversity and human rights!

ENASTRON – An all-day book/coffee place ideal for meetings in a wonderful and quiet environment. They have a great selection of books which you can borrow or purchase surrounded by ambient music. The bookstore attached to the Cafe is always up-to-date with the latest publications.

In Enastron you can also find musical events, lectures, book presentations and cultural seminars.

POEMS AND CRIMES –  The lovely home on Aghia Eirini Square has been there since 1850. This is a very special warm place which operates as a bookstore, printing place and coffee place. It hosts art exhibitions, book presentations, photo exhibitions, musical events and more. As you walk in you can smell the coffee, see and hear ethnic, jazz and all kinds of music. You can also taste wonderful homemade Greek juices, homemade sweets, and food! When the weather is nice you can sit in the backyard and read under the trees!