Another day of travelling, writing, and sea shells!

” It was another amazing day on Poros. The students had a private tour of the Shell Museum! Here, with the very woman who collected the shells in the last 50 years. Mrs Helga Kanellaki; traveler, writer and scientist”

Professor Turina writes as she shares some photos of her students during one of their exciting visits across the country. This time the team visited Helga Kanellakis for a private tour around the Shell Museum. (

“Over the period of time Helga Kanellakis with the help of her husband, George, executed a series of sea-diving and depth observations in the Troezenia area, including the coasts around the island of Poros. Their love for the sea, led to this impressive shell collection taken from various sea – beds” [source]

A big part of CYA’s MS348 Summer class ‘Writing in Greece: Travel Writing Forms’, taught by Professor Romana Turina, is to explore questions that arise when writing about place and travel.

For the past three weeks, Professor Turina’s students have been travelling across Greece, with their senses alert and their notebooks on fire!