Top 10 Places to Eat in Athens!

The definitive list compiled by CYA staff, faculty, and students.

While Athens is home to some of the best Greek food in the country, being a big city means that there is also tons of great food from other countries to try. On a quest for food recommendations, I decided to ask CYA staff, faculty, and students about their favorite restaurants in Athens. Their answers range from Greek tavernas, to street food, to Thai and I can’t wait to try them all!

#1 Abby ♥ Baba Ghanoush

“They have hummus and you can’t find hummus anywhere! Also it’s really filling, inexpensive, and they have so many different options”

#2 Ritsa ♥ Savvas

“It’s impossible to pick only one good restaurant but Savvas is one of the best. I don’t go for the kebab because I don’t really eat meat but they have amazing falafel and an amazing view of the Acropolis.”

#3 Vasillis Kozi’s

“A Greek South African guy opened that place so they have wine from South Africa and very good burgers.”

#4 Alex Koi

“I love their sushi so much and the people that work there are super nice. They talk to you about Athenian life and you can get a heaping bowl of noodles for 10 euros!”

#5 Maria Mama Roux

“I love the food. It’s very close to the Agias Eirinis square. And I like the atmosphere. I go for lunch, brunch, or dinner. They have a bit of Thai. It’s international more or less.”

#6 HuseyinAma Lachei

“It’s good Greek food with a modern twist. They’ve become pretty well known but their quality of food has stayed the same and they haven’t raised the prices.”

#7 Sofia ♥ Kostas

“I like it because it’s a cult place to go. Everyone knows him because he has signs that say no stress. When you order you have to order one souvlaki, and then if you want more you ask later. He forces you to be relaxed. They have the best meat and they make amazing, fresh souvlaki.”

#8 Tina ♥ Salero

“It’s in my neighborhood so a good walking distance, I love the food especially because they do small portions so you can try more than one thing, and I really like the building because it used to be a house and it has a courtyard inside where you can sit.”

#9 Jennifer Colibri

“I love the people that run the place. And it’s a very neighborhood-feeling place. They make very good burgers, real Italian pizzas, and fresh salads, really good but not gourmet. It’s casual food done really well at moderate prices.”

#10 Rachel ♥ Jing

“It’s very good, moderately priced Chinese food, but make sure you go with a large group because the experience is really what makes it. They give you a private room with a lazy Susan in the middle so you can order a bunch of dishes and share easily!”

Rachel Klein

Rachel Klein is a Fall '18 CYA student and an intern for the CYA MediaLab. She is a junior at Wesleyan College. Rachel is an Anthropology major with a writing minor.

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