Meet the CYA MediaLab Interns!

The MediaLab is excited to welcome two new media interns for the Fall ’19 semester: Claire Jeantheau and Abby Wolfe! Beginning this week, they will be sharing their own study abroad experiences and highlighting the experiences of other students through the CYA blog and social media. Here is an introduction to the duo:

Claire Jeantheau

Hi, I’m Claire! I’m a junior at Dickinson College studying classics, education, and social entrepreneurship. Between my classical language and philosophy classes at CYA, I’m looking forward to exploring all the hills, ancient sites, and museums around Athens–and satisfying my new love of koulouri bread rings!


Abby Wolfe

Hi! I’m Abby, and I am a junior at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. I am a political science major and sociology minor, and could not be more excited to be spending this semester in Athens! While here, I’m taking classes on the modern politics of Greece and the financial crisis, as well as business ethics and communications. Back at my home institution, I work for the media company that films and airs all ND athletics on networks like ESPN3 or NBCSN. During my summers, I have worked at a technology summer camp for kids. In my free time, I love reading a good book or going on long hikes. My time in Greece has been incredible so far, and I cannot wait for what’s to come!

Written by Abby Wolfe